Welcome to Archipelago Tile!

WELCOME and Thank You for your interest in Archipelago Tile! So very pleased to enter this new year with what we believe to be a well-rounded  and dynamic collection. We hope you agree and look forward to hearing from you… our ears are wide open, so please share your thoughts on your favorite patterns and colorways– what you feel the most drawn to– or even share an experience of when you’ve encountered cement tile. Seeing as we constantly find inspiration in historical installations, thought we’d start off the first blog post with this image of an original cement tile exterior entryway in Amsterdam, taken during a visit in 2009. Love the colors, design intricacy, and the border companion.

If you haven’t already found us on facebook, houzz, pinterest, or twitter, here’s your chance! We share pertinent thoughts and inspirations, and even feature a new design each week on facebook.

Thanks for tuning in and we look forward to connecting on your next project. Here’s to a healthy, happy, and FUN 2013!