Located in Houston, Texas, La Nova Tile offers an exceptional array of modern tile from all around the world. Today we are honored to announce Archipelago Tile as the latest addition!

“Archipelago Tile is a perfect combination of contemporary patterns and colors in a traditional medium like cement/encaustic tile. At La Nova we’re always looking for those materials that bridge the gap, allowing someone to modernize their traditional home in a pleasant way that does not conflict with their traditional architecture. Alternatively we like to offer our customers that are building a modern home a product that enables them to take the edge off of the minimalness of their designs.  We love the ability to arrange the tiles in alternative patterns allowing our customers to express a more eclectic style in almost any style of construction. Stephanie’s products really are that the icing on the cake.” said Erick Calderon of La Nova Tile

A simple introduction is all it took. We were instantly drawn to La Nova’s company description as “… a contemporary tradition, just like the art of tile. We make it modern, we make it sophisticated and we make it last for generations to come.” Relates well with our mantra of timeless craft | modern story! La Nova’s website continues with, “We also offer a level of service that is second to none, as well as a commitment to sustainable practices. Our family-owned company is ever changing, but we still value the virtues of tradition, hard work, loyalty and persistence.”

If you are at all near Houston, swing into the showroom and check out the product for yourself! The current display includes THETA in Amber/Pewter, BASKETWEAVE in Amber/Sky, and ALLIUM in both Amber/Stone and Earth/Stone. We may be biased, but there’s nothing like seeing the tiles in person!

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